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Using Documentation

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Welcome to the Matillion ETL documentation site where we hope you can find answers to your questions and problems as well as discovering new things that will enhance your ETL journey.

Matillion ETL has a broad range of functions and comes in multiple versions. Functions can be limited or extended depending on the version you are using. If you are new to the site, please read the below tips.

Platform Agnostic Documentation is a platform-agnostic site meaning that you view the same information regardless of which cloud platform your Matillion ETL instance is based on.

It is, however, often required that platform-specific information exists and we endeavour to make this information as accessible as possible.

Platform-based Features

  • Platform-specific articles often exist both for different warehouses (Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery and Synapse) as well as cloud platform (AWS, GCP and Azure).
  • Platform-specific sections in articles are common for shorter articles focusing on a single Matillion ETL feature common to all platforms. These are particularly common in documentation for components and users are advised to skip to the section that best describes their instance.
  • Filterable platform-specific content. This often includes filtering out entire sections as the above point may suggest. When selecting a filter, ALL content is removed on a page aside from that pertaining to the selected platform and thus, options only appear when the current page has platform-specific content of that type.

For the sake of demonstration, you can filter the below bullets:

  • Snowflake Only
  • Redshift Only
  • BigQuery Only
  • Synapse Only
  • Delta Lake Only

Version Select

Version Select Allows users to select documentation for corresponding Matillion ETL releases - useful if they are on an older version of Matillion ETL or are interested to see what has changed. Articles shown always default to the most current release. Occassionally, beta release documentation may be available through this selector.

Navigation Bar

Navigation Bar

Documentation isn't the only facility available to users and the top navigation bar is the best way to find the resources you need. If you need to contact support (especially if documentation has not addressed your needs), please use the Support link above or see the article on Getting Support. Note that using the ticketing support system requires making a (free) account to associate with your cases.



The search bar will search the entire documentation base for the entered phrase. This searches article content, unlike the Category Filter, as well as article names - it does not search category names. Search will give suggestions as you type which can be clicked to go straight to the relevant article or will produce a full search result list if a phrase is entered.

Categories (Left Bar)

The Categories bar is the best way to quickly explore documentation, find similar articles and understand conceptual ties between articles and functions in Matillion ETL. It is filterable using the bar above the Categories list but note that this filters article and category name, not article content.

Categories Bar

This bar can be collapsed to give more viewing room for the article content by clicking the arrow to the right of the filter bar.

Article Metadata (Right Bar)

Article metadata may look slightly different from article to article, depending on the type of data available. The possible types are:

  • Table of Contents
  • Attached Files
  • Related Articles


Matillion ETL is available for use with many different databases and launched through many different platforms. This means that you may encounter documentation articles for features or components that do not apply for your own Matillion ETL installation.

For example, Create Stream Component is only available on Matillion ETL for Snowflake as it is specifically regarding a Snowflake feature. These articles are identified with a warning akin to the following at the top of the page:

This feature is specific to Matillion ETL for Snowflake

Some articles are for all platforms but contain information specifically pertaining to particular platforms. For example, Cassandra Query Component is available on all platforms but has platform-specific properties. We endeavour to clearly separate such details but users can also use the content filter at the top-left of the site page to show only content for the platform of their choice on that page.


  • Getting Started: A series of guides covering launching, accessing and setting up your Matillion ETL instance.
  • Core Concepts: Coverage of the ideas and methods that should be employed for proper use of Matillion ETL.
  • Administration: Articles relating to functions found in the Matillion ETL client's Admin Menu. These are generally instance-level functions that control access and maintenance of the instance.
  • Project Menu: Articles relating to functions found in the Matillion ETL client's Project Menu. These are generally project-level auxiliary functions for managing presets such as OAuths and Passwords that can then be used in jobs.
  • Orchestration: Articles for each and every Matillion ETL Orchestration component. The Connectors and Connector Authentication subcategories may be of particular interest to those wanting to pull in data from 3rd party sources.
  • Transformation: Articles for each and every Matillion ETL Transformation component, used for manipulating data in tables.
  • Matillion API: Help with understanding and using the Matillion v1 API which allows users a way of using their Matillion ETL instance beside the client UI and is generally recommended for automation. We recommend being familiar with Postman and cURL before endeavouring to use the Matillion v1 API and related documentation.
  • Guides: Articles that are less about the specifics of particular Matillion ETL functions and components and more about their use cases and how to perform specific tasks.
  • Legal: Information on EULAs and Software Licenses.
  • Release Notes: Historical release notes for Matillion ETL for every available platform.

Report Issue

Report Issue Button

The report issue button is always present and should be used exclusively to contact the Matillion documentation team with article feedback. This generally means if you are noticing a missing image, broken link or outdated information but can be general feedback as well. Keep in mind that we cannot reply to feedback or requests here and we advise getting in touch with Matillion Support if this is needed.

How do I get ticketed support?

As usual, if you need to raise a case for Matillion's Solution Architect team, ticketed support remains available through Or by emailing See Getting Support for more information.