Matillion ETL Documentation
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Matillion ETL Documentation

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Matillion ETL version 1.67 is now live!

Read the release notes here.


Welcome to the Matillion ETL documentation site where we hope you can find answers to your questions and problems as well as discovering new things that will enhance your ETL journey.

If you are looking for ticketed support for a Matillion ETL issue, please visit the Matillion Support Portal or see our Getting Support information.

Category Description
Matillion Hub How to use the Matillion Hub and its functions as well as how to get started with Matillion ETL and Matillion Data Loader via the Hub.
Matillion ETL Basics Learn concepts and terminology that will empower you to use Matillion ETL. From Accessing your instance, to Jobs and Variables, to understanding Cloud Data Warehouses and SQL.
Administration Information on launching and running a Matillion ETL instance, managing its users, updating and configuring your Cloud Data Platforms.
Project Menu Information on the Project-level management options available in Matillion ETL.
Orchestration Detailed information on the components available in Matillion ETL's orchestration jobs. This includes connectors and OAuth guides.
Transformation Detailed information on the components available in Matillion ETL's transformation jobs.
Matillion ETL API A complete reference to the API users can use to interact with their Matillion ETL client.
Cloud Configuration Guides for the configurations required to set up non-warehouse resources in your Cloud Platform such as Roles and Permissions for accessing storage.
Guides A broad range of documentation on accomplishing technical tasks and solving issues related to Matillion ETL.

Platform Agnostic Documentation is a platform-agnostic site meaning that you view the same information regardless of which cloud platform your Matillion ETL instance is based on.

It is, however, often required that platform-specific information exists and we endeavour to make this information as accessible as possible.

  • Platform-specific articles often exist both for different warehouses (Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery and Synapse) as well as cloud platform (AWS, GCP and Azure).
  • Platform-specific sections in articles are common for shorter articles focusing on a single Matillion ETL feature common to all platforms. These are particularly common in documentation for components and users are advised to skip to the section that best describes their instance.

Documentation Versions

Each past version available for download has been packaged into a zip file that should be unzipped/extracted using your preferred tool. Once unzipped/extracted, the individual documentation pages are available as .html files.

Click the link of your desired version to begin the download.

Release version Release date
1.59 15th December 2021
1.58 10th November 2021
1.56 6th October 2021
1.55 9th August 2021
1.54 8th June 2021
1.53 25th March 2021
1.51 12th February 2021
1.50 12th November 2020

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