Job Start Control

Job Start Control


This topic explains how to prevent a scheduled job from queuing duplicate runs of that scheduled job.

Screenshots on how to navigate the Matillion ETL user interface (UI) to prevent duplicate jobs are below.

If a Matillion job is scheduled to run with relative frequency—for example, every ten minutes—it is conceivable that before one run of the job finishes, another ten minutes will have elapsed, thus queuing a duplicate run of the same job.

Any high-frequency scheduled jobs risk developing a backlog of queued duplicate jobs.

How to Prevent Duplicate Jobs

Click the Project menu in the top-left of the Matillion ETL UI. Navigate down to Manage Schedules.

Matillion ETL Project menu

From with the Manage Schedules dialog box, click the button to create a new schedule.

Add Schedule Matillion ETL

Near the bottom of the Create Schedule dialog box, mark or unmark the checkbox labelled Prevent duplicate job.

Prevent duplicate job Matillion ETL

When this box is checked, Matillion ETL detects whether the scheduled job is already running in the selected environment. If the job is already running, Matillion ETL prevents the queuing of a duplicate of that job.

Contact Support

If you require assistance preventing duplicate jobs, visit our Getting Support page.