Releases Overview
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Releases Overview

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Matillion releases major and interim releases to its software to bring pivotal new features and improvements to customers and to fix bugs where and when they arise.

This page is an index for all resources related to Matillion ETL releases.

Matillion highly recommends that you read Updating Matillion ETL for guidance on the safest way to update your instance. If you require help, please get in touch with our support team.


Release Notes Advisories contains a library of notices that users should consider if they are running certain versions of Matillion ETL.

Release Notes Archive is an index of release notes for past versions of Matillion ETL. Each version's page contains a major release and any adjunct interim releases. Each page provides a changelog for all cloud data warehouses.

Matillion Community ideas

Release note items with a lightbulb icon have been implemented via consideration of customer ideas at the Matillion Community. Click a list item's lightbulb to visit that particular community suggestion.

Major Releases

Matillion unveils a major release of Matillion ETL roughly once every eight weeks. This timeframe is always subject to change.

Major releases of Matillion ETL are fully regression-tested against the entire stack of offerings.

Major releases typically include:

  • Bug fixes.
  • Deprecation of components or features where required (typically to welcome an improved component or feature).
  • Driver updates.
  • New features.
  • Security updates (OS, Tomcat, etc.).
  • UI updates.
  • Updates and improvements to existing features.

Interim Releases

Matillion unveils an interim release of Matillion ETL roughly once every two weeks, where required. This timeframe is always subject to change.

An interim release might include:

  • High priority bug fixes and/or improvements.