Rename Component

Rename Component

Rename Component

Change the field names within the data flow.

By default, all input columns are mapped into output columns of the same name. Any field can be dropped from the list (this is a convenient way of dropping fields), or their names can be updated.


Property Setting Description
Name Text The descriptive name for the component.

This is automatically determined from the table name when the Table Name property is first set.
Column Mapping Source Column All input fields are available, and can be added multiple times to create copies of a field.
Target Column The output field name. By default, this is the same as the input. Just overwrite your preferred names.


Generates a select query.


In this example, we have a table of flight data that we want to share with other people, but unfortunately the column names are not named as usefully as they could be. We can, however, change those column names using the Rename component as shown in the job below.

A Table Input component is used to load our table 'flights' and is linked to the Rename component. The Rename component itself has only 2 properties and we are only interested in the 'Column Mapping'.

In Column Mapping we click 'Add All' to see what our options are. From the list we note that crsdptime, crsarrtime and crselapsedtime can be better named departure_time, arrival_time and elapsed_time, respectively.

Taking a sample of the Rename component can show us what our final data will look like. Running this job will now rename the relevant fields.