Table Delete Rows
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Table Delete Rows

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This article is specific to the following platforms - Redshift.

Table Delete Rows Component

Delete rows from a target table.

Rather than delete a set of rows based on a static condition, this component deletes rows based on matching rows to the key values identified in an input flow.

Multiple Key Column Mappings can be entered. They form an AND condition, so all keys must match for the row to be deleted. This is analogous to a JOIN condition.

Deleting rows requires a vacuum afterwards to recover space. This component does not arrange that vacuum for you. If you are removing a large portion of the table, it may be better to rewrite the rows you want to keep to a new table and then drop the existing table and rename the new one. For more information on vacuuming tables see here.


Property Setting Description
Name Text A human-readable name for the component.
Schema Select Select the table schema. The special value, [Environment Default] will use the schema defined in the environment. For more information on using multiple schemas, see this article.
Target Table Name Select The table to delete rows from.
Key Column Mapping Input Column Name The source column from the input flow
Target Column Name The target column from the target table

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