Manage Credentials

Manage Credentials


Matillion ETL can integrate with other platform-specific services in your account, provided you have authorised it to do so. This is not compulsory, although some parts of the product (such as automatic discovery of Storage associated with your accounts) may not fully function without appropriate credentials.

Note that this means 'Credentials' refers to Roles and Permissions set on the hosting platform of your Matillion ETL instance and does not refer to the database your client connects to. There are two types of credentials:

Instance Credentials: Tied to the instance hosting the Matillion ETL client. These cannot be edited from within the client and instead must be changed from the console of the hosting platform.

User Defined Credentials: Set by the user in the Manage Credentials menu. These are editable from within the Matillion ETL client.

For either type of credentials, see articles on credentials for AWSGCP and Azure Roles and Permissions for more information.

The Manage Credentials dialog (Project → Manage Credentials) sets User Defined Credentials, which are specific to an environment. Thus, it is possible to use a different set of credentials for each environment, which users are free to switch between. Instance credentials (credentials tied to the instance hosting Matillion ETL) do not change with environment and are overruled by User Defined credentials.

Credentials for AWS, GCP and Azure can be entered by selecting their respective tabs and clicking the + button to add or the pencil icon to edit. An environment can only use a single set of credentials for each platform at a time.

Users are encouraged to use the Test buttons available on the Manage Credentials menu.

The top Test button will check all applicable services with the Instance Credentials. Instance Credentials are only applicable for the platform the instance is hosted on. The bottom Test button will check the selected User Defined Credentials for all of its applicable services.


Credentials Guides by Platform

Completed sets of Credentials are set during Create Project and Edit Environment

To create new sets of credentials, see Manage Credentials. Guides for gathering credentials from your cloud platform can be found below: