SNS Message
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SNS Message

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This article is specific to the following platforms - Snowflake - Redshift - Delta Lake.

SNS Message Component

Note: This feature is only available for instances hosted on AWS.

This component sends a simple message to an SNS topic.

Using this component is the best way to initiate the next step in a business process on completion of an orchestration job.

Topics will be created if they don't already exist. Matillion ETL does not deal with subscriptions to the topic. Please use the Amazon Console or your preferred API to subscribe to the SNS topic to meet your integration requirements. For example, you may wish to turn each SNS message into an Email, or place a copy of the message onto an SQS queue.

The credentials set on your environment need additional permissions to allow this component to work correctly. See this document for more information on setting up AmazonSNSFullAccess.


Property Setting Description
Name Text A human-readable name for the component.
AWS Region Select The Amazon region your topic is located in. This defaults to the region Matillion ETL is running in, which will usually be the correct region.
Note: Since the topic is created if it doesn't exist, be sure to set the region correctly, or you may create duplicate topic names in other regions.
Topic Name Text The name for the topic you wish to post to. This will be created if it does not already exist. Amazon has rules on the allowed topic names - see the Amazon SNS FAQ for the allowed format.
Subject Text The subject used if the SNS Topic is subscribed to via email.
Note: The subject is not used for any other subscription types.
Message Text The content of your message. Variables can be inserted here by using the usual ${variable-name} syntax, and will be parsed appropriately.


When the component successfully runs, it ensures the topic exists in the specified AWS region, using the credentials associated with the current environment. The message will be sent, but since no subscriptions will exist at that point it will be lost.

Once a subscription is established to the topic, the next execution of the component will result in the message being passed to that subscription.


This example sends a success message when the previous component runs successfully, or a failure message when the job fails to execute.

The Message Success component is configured as below. The Topic Name will be automatically created if it does not exist on the region we have chosen and will give the message 'Import job succeeded.':

When the success link is followed, the message is delivered to SNS. Any subscriptions to that topic will then be triggered.

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