Schema Copy
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Schema Copy

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This article is specific to the following platforms - Redshift.

Schema Copy Component

Copy data from one or more tables from one schema to another. The source schema defaults to the one defined in the currently selected environment. Target tables can be new or existing, and can be appended to or replaced.

This component is potentially destructive. It may drop and recreate a target table marked as 'replace' without warning.

You should consider running schema copy inside a transaction to ensure all changes are visible in the target schema, or none of them are. Use the Begin/Commit/Rollback components to do this.

Note:External schemas cannot be copied through this component.


Property Setting Description
Name Text A human-readable name for the component.
Source Schema Select Select the table schema. The special value, [Environment Default] will use the schema defined in the environment. For more information on using multiple schemas, see this article.
Target Schema Select A list of the available schemas on your Redshift instance. (Must be different from the source schema)
Note: Since you may run the same job against multiple environments, it may be a good idea to define a variable for the target schema so the value can be changed dynamically depending upon the environment the job is run in.
Tables to copy Table Name Select an existing table from the environments current schema.
Copy Method Replace: Replace any like-named table in the target schema.
Append: Appends records to the target table. If the target table does not exist, it is created. If the target table does exists, its structure must be identical to the source table.

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