Getting Support

Getting Support

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At Matillion, we love hearing from our customers. Communication with customers often gives us the opportunity to help users get more from their Matillion ETL experience, so please get in touch. We welcome questions, issues, or even general feedback, because these forms of communication help us to make a better product for all Matillion ETL users.

Contacting Us

Whether you are getting started with Matillion ETL, need technical advice, or are attempting to troubleshoot issues with the client and related services, we are eager to help.

Sometimes the in-client or documented Help isn"t enough to solve the challenges our customers face, and the best way for users to get further assistance is to either raise a ticket at our support portal or email our support team directly.

  1. Email For the fastest turnaround time on your support case, please include as much detail on your instance and issue as possible. Please try to include at least the following:
    • ​How your Matillion ETL instance is hosted. (Which platform - AWS, GCP, or Azure.)
    • The version of Matillion ETL you are running (see Help → About in your Matillion ETL client).
    • The database you are connecting to (Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake, Synapse).
    • A synopsis of the problem you are experiencing, quoting any relevant error messages.
  2. Visit our support portal at, from here you can:
    • Create an account.
    • Raise a Support Ticket - every page on our support site has the Raise A Support Ticket button.
    • Post a public question.

In-Client Support

The Matillion Client hosts support information for each component through the Help tab in the component's Properties panel. Selecting a component on the canvas and then browsing to the Help tab will expose a brief version of the online documentation for that component.

Help tab in Properties panel

At the bottom of the Help tab will always be a link to the full online documentation that will open in a new browser window.

Helping Us Support You

We always want to deal with a problem or question promptly and effectively, so when raising tickets, please provide as much relevant information as you can. These might include:

  • Screenshots of jobs or errors.
  • Log files from your Matillion ETL instance. See details for connecting here. The log file we need most in the case of a serious error is /var/log/tomcat8/catalina.out/var/log/tomcat/catalina.out
  • Any Transformation or Orchestration jobs you want to share via Project → Export

Additionally, client details can be easily attained by browsing to Help → Support Information inside the Matillion Client.

Help menu

Support Information contains a formatted list of details regarding the current Matillion session that can be copied or directly mailed to Matillion Support in order to aid the support team in helping you.

Support Information pop-up window

Debug Mode

For troubleshooting data staging query components or connectors, be advised that providing some debug information in your support request can greatly expedite our support staff's diagnosis of an issue. For more details on using Debug Mode on data staging components, please refer to Data Staging Components.