Restart Server
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Restart Server

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There are a number of situations which might require you to restart a Matillion ETL instance. Typically, a restart will be needed after you have made some change to the server configuration, for example:

  • Adding a third-party JDBC driver – If you update the Matillion ETL configuration to use a JDBC driver not supplied as standard, you will need to restart the Matillion ETL instance for the new configuration to come into effect.
  • Applying a licence – You will need to apply a new licence key to Matillion ETL when your existing licence expires, or if you wish to change any of the instance limits built into the software. On applying a new licence key, Matillion ETL must be restarted to gain access to the expected features.
  • Configuring OpenID – Matillion ETL supports OpenID login credentials from a number of different OpenID service providers. After configuring Matillion ETL to use OpenID, a restart is required for the change to take effect.

When any configuration change calls for a restart of the Matillion ETL instance, or when you need to manually restart Matillion ETL for any other reason, follow the restart procedure in this document.

The following processes require the Matillion ETL instance to be restarted from a command line:

In these cases, the required restart commands will be given in the documentation for the procedure you are following.

Using Restart Server in Matillion ETL

1. In Matillion ETL, on the top-right of the screen, click Admin and select Restart Server from the menu.

Admin menu

2. Click Yes when prompted for confirmation of the restart.

Confirm restart

3. The server will take several seconds to restart, during which time you will see a Connection lost message. Don't be alarmed by this message: it means that the restart is progressing as expected.

Connection lost

4. When the restart has completed, your browser will offer a dialog asking if you want to reload the site. Click Reload.

Reload site