Launching Matillion ETL for BigQuery - GCP
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Launching Matillion ETL for BigQuery - GCP

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Note regarding the Matillion Hub

The Matillion Hub does not yet support launching Matillion ETL for BigQuery. The below instructions describe how to launch this product directly from the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.


Warning: If setting up a new Matillion ETL Instance, it is strongly advised to review and follow the steps in GCP Account Setup for BigQuery and Storage.

Matillion ETL is available through the Google Cloud Launcher service, to be hosted on the Google Cloud Platform and to take advantage of Google BigQuery.

Matillion ETL is also capable of using select Google Cloud Platform services, such as Storage and BigQuery. If you have not already done so, please refer to the documentation target="blank">GCP Account Setup for BigQuery and Storage.

GCP Roles for Launching Matillion ETL

Note: To launch Matillion ETL for Google BigQuery, users must have the correct permission to deploy Matillion ETL from the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace. Without correct permission, an error will occur and the launch will fail.

To prevent a permission error, please ensure that users launching a Matillion ETL instance for BigQuery have the GCP role "App Engine Deployer" [roles/appengine.deployer] or above. This role grants adequate permissions to deploy using the App Engine Admin API. Further information about GCP roles can be found here.

You can find out what roles are granted on a resource by using the GCP Console, the getIamPolicy() method, or the gcloud command-line tool. For instructions see Granting, Changing, Revoking Access to Project Members.

Launching Matillion ETL on GCP

To use Matillion ETL with BigQuery, first obtain the product from the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace. The product page can be found by searching for Matillion or Matillion ETL, and comes complete with pertinent information such as past versions, pricing and useful links.

Current pricing information for Matillion ETL for BigQuery can also be found target="blank">Pricing Guide.

To begin the process of launching Matillion ETL, click the Launch on Compute Engine button near the top of the page. This will bring you to another page that allows the user to configure their initial setup for the instance.

The new instance can be named and the machine hosting it can be specified. If unsure on specifications, it is recommended to continue the process using the default values that are auto-completed on the page.

Selecting Customise under the Machine type heading allows for finer tweaking of the host machine.

To launch the instance, click Deploy.
Important: This is final and clicking the button will initiate the launch.

After opting to deploy, Google Cloud Launcher will enter the process of setting up the instance. In this transitional period, all details for the instance are likely to be listed as Pending. This process typically takes a few minutes.

Once successfully deployed, the listed details will change to show their completed values. Before leaving this page, make note of the Admin user and Admin password (Temporary) for your instance as these will be required for the initial login. The Matillion ETL instance can now be accessed using the link next to Site Address.

This page can be revisited at any time by logging into your Google Cloud Platform console and selecting Deployment Manager under the TOOLS header in the top-left main menu of the site.

Once you have arrived at your Matillion ETL instance, you can log in using the username 'gcp-user' and the password taken as previously described.

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