Generate Job Documentation

Generate Job Documentation


Note: Job Documentation Generation is an Enterprise-only feature, meaning it is only available to customers on m5.large and m5.xlarge instances.

Matillion ETL allows users to generate documentation for any given job at the press of a button. By right-clicking on any job in the Explorer panel of the Matillion ETL client and selecting 'Generate Job Documentation', Matillion ETL will generate documentation for that selected job and offer a download of the resulting .html file.


Job Documentation Contents

Within the .html file, a table of contents is given at the top of the page that allows users to quickly browse to a component of interest. The job is shown as a whole, before being broken down into its constituent components.

Each component  is labelled according to its component name and properties, providing a thorough overview of the job that can be easily referred to even without access to Matillion ETL itself. Below is an example snippet of the sample job documentation (see the bottom of this page for the attached download link). In this example, a Join component is being documented, showing its local environment on the canvas as well as a table of its properties.