External Table Output RS
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External Table Output RS

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This article is specific to the following platforms - Redshift.

External Table Output

Writes new external table data with a column mapping of the user's choice, appending existing external tables. To output a new external table rather than appending, use the Rewrite External Table component.

External tables are part of Amazon Redshift Spectrum and may not be available in all regions. For a list of supported regions, read Querying external data using Amazon Redshift Spectrum.

For information about working with external tables, read Creating external tables for Redshift Spectrum.


Redshift Properties

Property Setting Description
Name Text A human-readable name for the component.
Schema Select Select the table schema. You must use an external schema. For more information about using multiple schemas, see Schema Support.
Target Table Name Dropdown The table to append data to.
Column Mapping Source Column All input fields are available, and can be added multiple times to create copies of a field.
Target Column The output field name. By default, this is the same as the input. Just overwrite your preferred names.
S3 Object Prefix Select The file name to write data to. These files are stored at the S3 bucket location given when creating an external table. If this field is left blank, an automatically generated UUID will be used as the prefix.