Manage Shared Jobs

Manage Shared Jobs


Shared Jobs allow users to bundle entire workflows into a single custom component and then use those custom components anywhere else in the project. The Shared Jobs appear as a collection in the Shared Jobs panel, similar to how components can be browsed. Unlike components, Shared Jobs can be imported, exported and deleted via the Manage Shared Jobs dialog.

For information on generating Shared Jobs see here.

Managing Shared Jobs

To manage your Shared Jobs, browse to Manage Shared Jobs via the Project menu.


In the new window, Shared Jobs that currently exist on the instance can be browsed and are grouped by Package Name. Clicking a job will reveal basic information about it. Once selected, a job can be Exported or Deleted by clicking the relevant buttons.


Exported Shared Jobs will be downloaded as a .melt file that can be readily imported into another Matillion ETL instance.

Note: Your Matillion ETL instance should be of a current or newer version to that of the instance an imported Shared Job originated from. It should also belong to the same platform. It is advised that you do not manually edit the .melt file.

Similarly, clicking Import will bring up sa new window that allows you to browse to a downloaded .melt file and import it into the Matillion ETL instance.