External Table Generator

External Table Generator

The External Table Generator is a tool available from the Components menu in the Matillion ETL client that helps users configure and create a Create External Table component.

To begin, just click and drag the External Table Generator  to the canvas as you would any other component. This will prompt a new dialog to appear:

The inputs for this dialog are explained below:

S3 URL Location: Enter the S3 location of your dataset. You can browse to the location using the ellipsis button.
Schema: Select the Schema to create this new External Table on.
Field Terminator: The criteria to split fields in the selected data set. Defaults to ','
Line Terminator: The criteria to recognise a new line (end of row) in the data set. Defaults to \ , a new line.
Skip Header Rows: The number of rows to skip at the start of the file. These may, for example, contain header information or timestamps that should not appear in the table.
Row Limit: The number of rows to be included in the sample. This does not affect the amount of data to be included in the table.

Along with the following clickable functions:

Get Sample: Click to load sample data from the selected S3 data file. 
Test: Use your current configuration to give a test sample of the resulting External Table. This may take some time, depending on your data set.
OK: Confirm your configuration and build the Create External Table component.
Cancel: Cancel your current configuration and leave the generator dialog.

When finished, click OK to finalise the configuration and a Create External Table component will appear on the canvas. This component can then be connected to the workflow as usual.