Accessing the Matillion ETL Client (Amazon EC2)

Accessing the Matillion ETL Client (Amazon EC2)


This article assumes you have already launched a Matillion ETL instance on AWS. Please consult the guides in Getting Started → Launching or see Related Articles on the sidebar for more.

The instructions below will guide you to finding the necessary details to connect to your launched Matillion ETL instance. This guide assumes for the most part that you have not set up custom user logins on the instance and will be requiring default login details.

Accessing Matillion ETL on Amazon Web Services (EC2)

These instructions assume you have already successfully launched Matillion ETL from the AWS marketplace.

To log into your Matillion ETL client, you will need some details of your EC2 instance. To begin, browse to the EC2 Management Console of your AWS account. (Or browse to Services → EC2 → Instances)

1. Select the running instance that hosts your Matillion ETL client.
2. Take note of the IP or Public DNS, as appropriate, that you can use to connect to your client via your internet browser.
3. Take note of your Instance ID (e.g. i-88ed92c6), as this will be the default password for your instance for your initial login.

4. Now you can browse to the Instance address (Step 2) and you should see the login page for your Matillion ETL instance. 

Your first login (or if an admin has not specified user logins via User Configuration) to the Matillion ETL client will use the following credentials as a login:

Username: Default is ec2-user
Password: Default is the Instance ID gathered in Step 3. Click Login to proceed to the Matillion ETL client.

Next Steps

If this is your first login to Matillion ETL, we STRONGLY advise that your first action on the client is to replace this default username and password with your own secure details. This can be done through User Configuration in the Admin Menu.