Accessing the Matillion ETL Client (Google Cloud Platform)

Accessing the Matillion ETL Client (Google Cloud Platform)

This article assumes you have launched a Matillion ETL instance on Google Cloud Platform.


The instructions below will guide you to finding the necessary details to connect to your launched Matillion ETL instance. This guide assumes for the most part that you have not set up custom user logins on the instance and will be requiring default login details.

Accessing Matillion ETL on Google Cloud Platform (Compute Engine)

1. Log into Google Cloud console and browse to VM Instances via the left-hand menu (or search).

2. From the list, click the instance you wish to access.

3. From the new page, scroll down until you find the Primary Internal and External IP addresses.

4. Use the IP addresses listed to access the instance via your internet browser.

5. To get the password for this instance, scroll to the top of the Azure Portal page for your VM Instance and click Edit.

6. Scroll down to Custom Metadata and your default password will be stored in the RandomUserPassword metadata.

7. The default login name for new instances is gcp-userCombined with the above password, this can be used to access the Matillion ETL client.

Note: This is for default (initial) logins only and may not grant you access to the instance if an admin has already defined user logins via User Configuration.

Next Steps

If this is your first login to Matillion ETL, we STRONGLY advise that your first action on the client is to replace this default username and password with your own secure details. This can be done through User Configuration in the Admin Menu.