Backups (Azure)

Backups (Azure)


This article describes the process to backup Matillion ETL instances for Azure customers.


1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

2. In the menu on the left, select Virtual Machines.

3. From the list, select a VM to back up (we have selected the instance j5-011118-azure-191445, in the below example).

4. On the VM blade, in the Settings section, click Backup. The Enable backup blade opens.

5. Under Recovery Services vault, click Create new and provide the name for the new vault.

6. Select a Resource Group for the new backup system; probably the same Resource Group that your instance belongs to.

7. Select a preexisting backup policy or scroll down and Create (or edit) a new policy.

8. When happy with your Backup configuration, click Enable Backup.

Returning to this blade will allow you to check the status of backups on this instance and, after the first backup is performed (may take around 20 minutes), allow you to use backups as restore points for the instance.