Updating To A Specific Release

Updating To A Specific Release


Always backup your instance before performing any updates! See this article for AWS backups. This Article for GCP backups. Or This Article for Azure backups.


In some cases, it may be desirable to update to a specific release of Matillion ELT. We advise that customers always update to the latest version, or contact support.

How to Update Matillion ETL to a Specific Release

1. Check the version of your Matillion ETL instance by issuing the following command from an SSH session as root:

yum list installed matillion*

You should see two packages:


2. Check package availability with these commands:

yum list available matillion-emerald --showduplicates
yum list available matillion-emerald-cdata --showduplicates

3. To upgrade to a specific version, by default choose the latest point release inside the 1.x version.You must keep the 1.x the same for both packages. For example, you might choose:

matillion-emerald.noarch 1.42.14-1
matillion-emerald-cdata.noarch 1.42.14-2

4. Using the above example, you could then stop the tomcat service and install your selected version, like so:

service tomcat8 stop
yum install matillion-emerald-1.42.14-1
yum install matillion-emerald-cdata-1.42.14-2

5. Finally, restart the tomcat server:

service tomcat8 start

Getting Support

If you require help updating to a specific release, visit our Getting Support page.