Changing Azure Instance Size

Changing Azure Instance Size


You can change instance size of Matillion ETL at any time. Available VM instance sizes for the current version of Matillion ETL are B2s (Medium) D4s_v3 (Large) and D8s_v3 (XLarge), detailed in the table below. Please refer to the Microsoft Documentation for more details on instance types.  

Instance Size Max. Concurrent User Max. Environments Max Threads Azure VM size
Medium 2 6 4 B2s
Large 5 15 8 D4s_v3 and D4_v3
XLarge 12 36 16 D8s_v3 and D8_v3
Note that Enterprise Mode is only available on m4.large and m4.xlarge instances.

Once you have changed instance size the new instance limits will apply. Note that once you have changed instance size new charges will apply when the instance is running.


Changing VM Size

1. Log into the Azure Portal.

2. From the main menu select Virtual Machines.

3. Browse to the VM that you wish to change the instance size of.

4. Select Size.