Updating - Machine Images & Migration
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Updating - Machine Images & Migration

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Updating via Machine Images involves launching a new Matillion ETL instance, migrating your resources, and then taking down your old Matillion ETL instance. This can be considered a safe, testable approach to updating that requires some effort.


Always backup your instance before performing any updates!


The recommended method of updating the Matillion ETL client is designed to leave the smallest possible chance of problems for the user.

This is the best-practice method for updating for the vast majority of users. For more information on updating, see our Blog Post on the subject.

  1. Perform a backup before upgrading the instance.
  2. Launch a new Matillion ETL instance with the latest release.
  3. Migrate resources from your current Matillion ETL instance to the new, updated one. Click AdminMigrate to get started.

Best practices

  • Ensure you have a working and tested migration strategy for features that don't get automatically migrated (including non-standard JDBC drivers, git branches, local user configuration, custom licenses, SSL certs).
  • Ensure that your new server is given the same cloud privileges as the original, including feature access rights and firewall rules.
  • If you are relying on any OS customization (e.g. you have added libraries), ensure that you can replicate those customizations on the new server.
    • If you rely on such considerations, consider creating your own AMI based on ours with your customizations "baked in". Then each release, remake your AMI from our latest one, and test. This could also be used to ensure drivers, user configuration, and so on are "baked in".