SAP Hana JDBC driver install for Matillion ETL

SAP Hana JDBC driver install for Matillion ETL


This article details how to install the SAP Hana JDBC driver for Matillion ETL.

The driver name we are looking for is: ngdbc.jar (from the Linux 64 tar download).

The following link gives some colour around the drivers. For reference only:


  1. The SAP customer must download the “SAP Hana express edition using JDBC” You can download the SAP HANA Client Software Packages from the SAP Store. Download the driver for Linux 64.
  2. Once downloaded, you can follow the instructions from the SAP HANA Client Installation and Update Guide. You will be installing the driver on the Matillion server (or any other Linux server of your choosing. The ONLY reason to install the driver is to expose the ngdbc.jar file). Follow the directions through “Install the SAP HANA Client on UNIX, macOS, or Linux”. Perform just the ./hdbsetup - there is no need to set up environment variables.
  3. Once the driver is installed on the Matillion server, find the the ngdbc.jar file in the install directory.
  4. From your client laptop or PC, SFTP (get) the ngdbc.jar file from the Matillion server. You will then upload this file to Matillion via the Matillion GUI in step 6 below.
  5. Follow the directions here to add an “SAP Hana” section to the jdbc properties file. The section for Hana should look like this:
    "name" : "SAPHana",
    "driver" : "",
    "url" : "jdbc:sap:// : /?databaseName= ",
    "fetchSize" : "500",
    "limit" : "top-n",
    "allowUpload" : true
  6. Follow the first few directions here to upload the Hana driver back to Matillion.
  7. Create a new Orchestration job and use the Database Query component to access SAP Hana.