Updating Matillion ETL

Updating Matillion ETL


Matillion ETL regularly receives updates that include new features, components, quality-of-life improvements, bug fixes and more. Your client will usually alert you when a new update is available.

We highly recommend updating immediately however this is not at all mandatory. For the vast majority of cases, we always recommend updating to the latest release as soon as possible, using the recommended method given in the next section.

In rare cases, it may be required that a user performs a manual update. Details of this procedure can be found here.

Similarly, it is sometimes useful to be able to update to a specific Matillion ETL release. Details of this procedure can be found here.

Release Notes:

Recommended Update Method

The recommended method of updating the Matillion ETL client is designed to leave the smallest possible chance of problems for the user. This is the best-practice method for updating for the vast majority of users. For more information on updating, see our Blog Post on the subject.

  1. Perform a backup before upgrading the instance. (This can also be performed manually.)
  2. Launch a new Matillion ETL instance with the latest release.
  3. Migrate resources from your current Matillion ETL instance to the new, updated one.
  For HA Cluster users, please follow the guide in the Updating HA Clusters article.

Updating from versions 1.39 or earlier

Due to an repository being taken offline out of our control, an additional step is required for users running Matillion ETL 1.39 or earlier on any AWS-hosted instance. This is only relevant for in-place updates.

1. Log into your Matillion ETL instance using SSH (AWS Instructions here)
2. Run the following command:

sudo yum-config-manager --disable MongoDB
  1. You can now perform an inplace upgrade in the normal manner.


    In-Client Update Method

    It is possible to update a running instance via the client however this is not best-practice and lacks the safety of the previous method. It is highly recommended that you perform a backup before updating the instance.

    Selecting the Matillion ETL Updates option from the Admin menu will open a new dialog box. You may check for software updates using the Check for Updates button. Available updates are listed in the console and the Update button will become available if these can be installed.

    Updating HA Clusters (AWS)

    Please see the Updating your Matillion HA Cluster article .