Updating - In-Place Updates
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Updating - In-Place Updates

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Updating via the "In-Place" upgrade method means upgrading an existing instance without bringing up a new instance and migrating your resources over. You can achieve this either via the in-client option, or manually via SSH, as described in the following sections.


Always back up your instance before performing any updates.

Preparing to update

Before updating a Matillion ETL instance:

  • Take a backup before making any changes.
  • Make sure you are able to quickly restore from the backup in the event of any problems.
  • Ensure that the following URLs are whitelisted:

Updating in-client

The in-client upgrade method doesn't inherently use backups, nor is it testable before committing to the upgrade. However, it's simple to execute and may fit better into your workflow than the Machine Images and Migration method.

  1. Click Admin in the top-right of the user interface (UI), and then click Matillion ETL Updates. The Matillion ETL Updates dialog will open.

  2. Check for software updates using the Check for Updates button. Available updates will be listed in the console and the Update button will become available if these can be installed.

Matillion ETL Updates dialog

  1. Click the Update button when you are ready to begin the update process.

Updating manually via SSH

The AMI comes pre-configured with a software repository where updates are published. Therefore a standard sudo yum update matillion is all that's required to update the Matillion software on the AMI.

  1. Connect to your Matillion ETL instance via SSH. The method to do this will differ depending on your hosting platform.

Prior to an upgrade from Amazon Linux 1 to CentOS, connecting via SSH to your Matillion ETL instance used a default username ec2-user. However, following the upgrade, the default username is now centos.
This should not be confused with the Matillion ETL application username, which remains ec2-user.

  1. Once connected, issue the following command:
sudo yum update matillion-universal
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  2. Restart Apache Tomcat using the following:

sudo service tomcat8 restart
  1. Log out of your session with:

If you run the AMI inside a VPC and do not allow outbound internet access, then updates will not be possible using the standard update procedure. Contact support for details on how to do so manually.