Create Stream

Create Stream

This article is specific to the following platforms - Snowflake.

Create Stream Component

Creates a new Snowflake Stream in the specified schema and table. This component can optionally replace an existing stream of the same name.

Warning: Depending on the chosen settings, this component is destructive. Take care when running this component as it may remove existing data.


Property Setting Description
Name Text The descriptive name for the component.
Create/Replace Select Create: The default option, creates a new stream. This will generate an error if a stream with the same name already exists.
Create if not exists: This will only create a new stream if a stream of the same name does not already exist.
Replace: This destroys any existing stream of the same name, and then creates a new stream.
Database Select Choose a database that contains the schema to create the stream in.
Schema Select Select the schema that will contain the stream. The special value, [Environment Default] will use the schema defined in the environment. For more information on using multiple schemas, see this article.
Stream Name Text The name of the stream.
Table Database Select The database that holds the source schema and source table.
Table Schema Select The schema that contains the source table.
Table Select The table to create the stream for (i.e. the source table).


A stream records data manipulation language (DML) changes made to a table, including information about inserts, updates, and deletes. It stores information in the stream every time a change is made. The table where changes are recorded is called the source table. Create Stream has two table inputs: the stream name, and the source table.

For more information, please refer to the Snowflake documentation.