Launching Matillion ETL for Snowflake - GCP

Launching Matillion ETL for Snowflake - GCP


Matillion ETL for Snowflake is available via the Google Cloud Launcher service, hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Users of Matillion ETL for Snowflake can use select GCP services, such as Google Cloud Storage (GCS).


If setting up a new Matillion ETL instance, please review and follow the steps in the Snowflake document, Configuring an Integration for Google Cloud Storage.

GCP Roles for Launching Matillion ETL

To launch Matillion ETL for Snowflake via GCP, users must have the correct permissions to deploy Matillion ETL from the GCP Marketplace. Please note that without correct user permissions an error will occur and the launch will fail.

Therefore, to prevent a permissions error, please ensure that any users launching a Matillion ETL instance for Snowflake have the role App Engine Deployer [roles/appengine.deployer] or above. This role grants adequate permissions to deploy an instance using the App Engine Admin API. Please refer to GCP user roles for more details.

You can learn which roles are granted on a particular resource by using the GCP Console; the getIamPolicy() method; or the gcloud command-line tool. For further instructions, see Granting, Changing, Revoking Access to Project Members.

Launching Matillion ETL on GCP

To use Matillion ETL with Snowflake, please first obtain the product from the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace. The product page can be found by searching Matillion or Matillion ETL. The product page includes comprehensive information about Matillion ETL for Snowflake, including:

  • Pricing
  • Useful links
  • Version

To begin the launch process, click the LAUNCH ON COMPUTE ENGINE button. Clicking this button will direct you to another page that lets users configure the initial setup for their Matillion ETL instance.

On this next page, users can configure numerous options before deploying the instance, such as the "Deployment name" and the "Machine type". If you are unsure on any setup specifications, we advise that you continue the process using the default values that are auto-completed on the page.

Clicking the Customise button under the "Machine Type" section allows for additional configuration of the host machine.

To launch the instance, click Deploy.

Warning: Clicking this button is final and will initiate the launch of the Matillion ETL instance.

Google Cloud Launcher will then begin configuring the instance. In this transitional period, all details for the instance are likely to be listed as Pending. This process normally takes just a few minutes.

Upon successful deployment, the listed details with change to reflect their completed values. Before leaving this page, please make note of the Admin User and Admin Password (Temporary) credentials for your instance. These credentials are required for the initial login.

The Matillion ETL instance can now be accessed using the Site address URL.

To revisit this page, log in to your GCP Console and select Tools > Deployment Manager in the top-left main menu.

Finally, once your Matillion ETL instance loads, you can enter your login credentials. For this first login, the username is gcp-user and the password is the Admin Password mentioned earlier.

Next Steps

If you are new to Matillion ETL, we recommend that you read the following documentation: