Matillion Hub Documentation
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Matillion Hub Documentation

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The Matillion Hub is a single platform that offers a wide range of services for all registered Matillion Hub customers:

  • Manage your subscription, edition and any billing configurations.
  • View and manage your credit consumption across Matillion Data Loader (MDL) and Matillion ETL, and download your hourly usage by using an interactive dashboard.
  • Add a new Matillion ETL instance, and view your existing ones.
  • View and manage registered members associated with your organization, and manage account settings.
  • Create pipelines using Batch and Change Data Capture (CDC) services.

For more information, learn how to use the platform through our guides listed below.

Getting Started

You are required to register for a Matillion Hub account to gain full access to all services. The guides listed below provide instructions on how to register for an account and how to select the service you require, once you are registered and logged into the Matillion Hub:


Learn how to manage your Matillion Hub account from changing your account email address, editing user permissions, managing members in your organization, and resetting the password associated with your account:


The Matillion Hub provides a wide-range of services. Use these guides listed below to learn more about them:


Follow the steps in each of the guides listed below to set up and configure your chosen subscription, associated with your Matillion Hub account:

After configuring your subscription, view its features, analyze and manage how you consume your credits on a regular basis, and modify your billing information:

Next Step

After the creation of a Matillion Hub account you will be able to do the following:

What's Next