Associating a Matillion ETL Instance
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Associating a Matillion ETL Instance

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This guide explains how you can associate your Matillion ETL instance with your Matillion Hub account. A Matillion Hub account is required to associate your instance. For more information, read Matillion ETL Instance Creation.

Associating an Instance

When you create a new Matillion ETL instance, you will need to access it using its public URL. For more information, please read Accessing Instances.

Follow these steps to associate your Matillion ETL Instance with your Matillion Hub account:

  1. If your Matillion ETL instance is not already registered with the Matillion Hub, a toast notification will be displayed. Immediately after you have created a Matillion ETL instance, a dialog will appear where you can click Associate instance to connect your new Matillion ETL instance with your Matillion Hub account.

  1. You will be re-directed and required to Sign Up/Log In to your Matillion Hub account. If you do not have an account, read Registration.

  2. Displayed at the top of Associate this instance to your account will be your instance reference. Enter your Instance Name in the field provided. Tick the terms and conditions checkbox, and click Associate.

If this is your account's first Matillion ETL instance association, then your 14 day free trial of Matillion ETL will begin.

  1. Click Launch Matillion ETL. You are now able to launch your Matillion ETL instance. You will be given full access to its services and features.

If you are subscribed to the 14 day trial version of Matillion ETL, please make sure you return to the Matillion Hub to upgrade the license before your trial finishes. For more information, read Editions.
If your trial period comes to an end before you upgrade, your subscription will either expire or automatically roll over onto the Pay-Go price plan. This will depend upon whether payment details have been entered and saved to your account. For more information, read Manage Subscription and Manage Payment Details & Invoices, respectively.

  1. Your Matillion ETL instance will now be added to your list of associated instances. You can view this list from the Matillion Hub Credit Consumption Dashboard. If you want to add another Matillion ETL instance, click Add instance.

To access your dashboard, click View account usage from Select your service.

Next Steps

If you already have a Matillion Hub account, read Manage Subscriptions.