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Create an Account

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Once you have registered to the Matillion Hub and signed in with your user account credentials, you can create up to five accounts in your existing subscription. You can create an account yourself or you can be invited to join an existing account from another user. For more information, read Manage Account Users.

This guide will show you how to add an account.

Adding a new account

To add an account to your existing subscription, use the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Matillion Hub using your credentials you obtained when you registered for a Matillion Hub user account.
  2. The My Accounts page will be displayed, where you will see a list of the accounts you have already created or joined. At the bottom of your list of accounts, click Add new account.
  3. A Create an account form will appear. Enter the following information in the fields provided, and click Continue:
    • Account name
    • Subdomain
    • Region
    • Dialling code
    • Phone number
  4. You will return to the My Accounts page where your new account will be displayed.

If the subdomain of your new account already exists, a notification will appear, asking you to choose a different name for your account's subdomain. If this happens you'll need to click Continue again.

Some Matillion features involve your business data being processed and/or stored in Matillion’s infrastructure. Matillion will only process and/or store the data required to use our tools. In these cases, it will only be within the selected Region. Your choice might be based on a combination of geographical closeness, legal jurisdiction, or other factors. Once your account is created, you won’t be able to change this, although if you want to start doing work in another region you can always create a new account tied to that region.