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The Matillion Hub is a single platform that allows you to access all Matillion services, and manage the features of your Matillion ETL instances and Matillion Data Loader pipelines. With regards to Matillion ETL, after creating an instance, registering to the Matillion hub, and associating your instance to your Matillion Hub account, you will initially be on a trial plan for the first 14 days, after which you will need to subscribe to a paid plan, where you will be required to choose from any of the following editions:

  • Free (MDL only)
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Enterprise

Any Matillion Hub customer who does not subscribe to a paid plan will default to the Free edition. Matillion ETL is not included in the Free edition. However, you can use Matillion ETL for up to 14 days as a free trial. The 14-day free trial plan uses an Enterprise Edition license. After the 14 days, you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription to continue using Matillion ETL.

You are also required to choose an edition if you want to use the Matillion Data Loader service.

Your decision should be based on the edition that best suits your usage consumption needs. For more information, read Manage Subscription.


For use of the Matillion ETL service, you will be required to restart your instance after applying a licence to gain access to all expected features.

Accessing Editions

To view a list of the different edition features of the plan you want to subscribe to, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Matillion Hub.

  1. On the My accounts page, click the account you want to use.

  2. On the Select your service page, click View account usage.

  3. If you are currently on a Matillion ETL free trial, or your free trial has expired and you don't yet have a subscription, you will be given an Upgrade link. Click this to access the Credit Consumption Dashboard.


The Upgrade link will not be visible unless you are on a free trial, or if this trial has expired, and have not yet signed up to a paid subscription.

  1. The Credit Consumption Dashboard will be displayed. Click Upgrade at the top of the page. To access the editions comparison table, click Show all features on the edition you want to select.

  2. Scroll down to view the entirety of the editions comparison table. For detailed information about upgrading and subscribing to Matillion Hub, read Manage Subscription.

Editions Comparison Tables

The table below describes features of the different editions Matillion ETL and Matillion Data Loader offers for your chosen plan, accessed through Matillion Hub.

General features Free Basic Advanced Enterprise
Customer Support Standard Support Standard Support Standard support Standard support with the option for Mission Critical Support with 12-month commit, or yearly prepaid
Service Level Agreement Included with Annual subscription Included with Annual subscription Included with Annual subscription
Matillion ETL features Free Basic Advanced Enterprise
Users Starts with 5 users Starts with 5 users Starts with 5 users
Read-only Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
70+ pre-built connectors
Matillion scripting components
Real-time validation & sampling components
Job automation & advanced scheduling
Unit-testing & error handling components
Audit Logs & automatically generated documentation
Manage visibility in groups & projects
Concurrent connections with your Warehouse
Git repository
External Matillion Database
Clustered environments
Matillion Data Loader features Free Basic Advanced Enterprise
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Volume Up to 1M rows/month free Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sources Unlimited Free Tier Sources Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Destinations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Scheduling Load each source once per hour Load each source every five minutes Load each source every five minutes Load each source every five minutes
SaaS Batch Pipelines
No-code custom connector builder Coming Soon Coming Soon
Pipeline Management API Coming Soon Coming Soon
Hybrid SaaS CDC Pipelines

For current pricing, read Matillion Pricing.