Observability Dashboard
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Observability Dashboard

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The Observability Dashboard is a feature of the Matillion Hub that lists all Matillion ETL instances available within the user's account. Your Matillion ETL instances must be of version 1.65 or later to work with the observability dashboard.

Listed instances can be expanded to give a detailed overview of that instance's recent activity. All timestamps are given according to the region of your Matillion Hub account.

To reach the Observability Dashboard, select Account Usage from the main Hub menu, then select Activity from the sidebar.

New Instances can also be launched from this page. See Launching Matillion ETL for more information.

Instance overview

Matillion ETL instances associated with your account are automatically listed in the Instance Overview. This list shows a real time State of all instances. While this list is checked every 5 seconds, users can refresh the page to ensure they're seeing the latest results. Selecting an instance will expand its details.

Listed instances have the following properties:

  • State: Whether the instance is currently Running, Stopped, or in Error.
  • Platform: The cloud platform your instance resides in.
  • Data Warehouse: The cloud data warehouse your instance is using.
  • Region: The region your instance resides in. See your cloud platform provider's documentation for details on available regions.
  • Size: The instance machine size.
  • METL version: The version of Matillion ETL being run on your instance.
  • Last called in: The latest timestamp from your Matillion ETL instance contacting the Matillion Hub. This is done every 5 seconds for running instances. Stopped or Errored instances will cease to "call in".

Job activity

Selecting an instance in the list will expand the listing to job activity within the last 24 hours. Entering a job name in the search bar will filter the list.

Jobs have the following properties:

  • Started at: The timestamp this job began running.
  • Job name: The name of the job as given within the Matillion ETL instance. Clicking the job name will open your Matillion ETL instance in a new browser window and navigate to that job run's entry in the Task History.
  • Duration: The duration of the job run.
  • Status: Either Success or Failed, depending on the job's state when ending.

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