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Anyone wanting to become a user of the Matillion Hub is required to register for an account to gain full access to the services on offer. This section explains how a new customer can register for a Matillion Hub account.

Registering for a Matillion Hub Account

Follow these steps to register for a Matillion Hub account:

  1. Access the Matillion Hub, and click the Sign Up tab. You will be required to provide your company email address to associate with your Matillion Hub account. Enter a new password, then tick the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions of your new account. When you're ready, click SIGN UP.
  • This process is only for customers that log into the Matillion Hub with an email address and password. Anyone that uses the Sign in with Google method to log in to their account, must manage their password directly with Google.
  • You must provide your company email address when you register with Matillion Hub. You cannot register using your personal email address.

  1. Follow the prompts to check your email and verify it. You will be directed back to the Matillion Hub, where you will be required to login to the site. Click the Log In tab and enter your credentials. Once you have logged in, How should we address you will be displayed. Provide your First Name, Last Name, Job Title (optional), and use the drop-down menu to specify your chosen Country. Click Continue.

  2. In the fields provided, enter an Account Name and Subdomain. For example, if your company is called “example” then you could enter your account name and subdomain as “example”. Your subdomain will then be “”. Click Continue.

  3. The account you have just created will be displayed in a list in My Accounts. Click your chosen account to be taken to Selecting a service.

It is recommended that you invite a second admin user to join the account after you have created it to create redundancy and reduce the risk of losing access to the account. To invite another user to your account, read Manage Account Users.

Next steps

After the creation of a Matillion Hub account you will be able to do the following:

You can set up a subscription to enable your Matillion ETL instance to run successfully. For more information about setting up and managing your subscription, including upgrading, read Manage Subscription.

For more information about payment and invoice management, read Manage Payment Details and Invoices.

Invite others to work with you in your new instance by adding them as users.