Matillion Data Loader Overview
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Matillion Data Loader Overview

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Matillion Data Loader is a SaaS (Software as a Service) data loading platform that extracts raw data from popular sources and loads it into cloud data platform destinations.

Some key features of Matillion Data Loader are:

  • No-code pipeline creation to empower more users and speed up data pipeline creation and loading.
  • A single platform for batch and change data capture pipelines, eliminating the need for multiple tools from different vendors.
  • Integration with Matillion ETL for pre-built data transformations.

Matillion Data Loader provides two methods to load data:

  • Batch loading: provides a SaaS-based, incremental data loading experience to extract data from popular sources, and load the data into cloud data platform destinations at user-specified time intervals.
  • Change Data Capture (CDC) loading: Provides a Hybrid SaaS, log-based data loading experience to capture real-time change events from enabled source databases, and load the change data into cloud data platform destinations in near real time.

Matillion Data Loader's change data capture capabilities go beyond point-in-time replication to capture and replicate all change events in near real time. It stores an immutable history of all change events to recreate an exact view of data at any point in time. Integration with Matillion ETL transforms raw change data into analytics-ready data, and opens up opportunities for fraud detection, marketing personalization, e-commerce recommendations, compliance auditing, AI/ML modeling based on current and historical data, and many other use cases.

Matillion Data Loader process flow

Matillion Data Loader provides an intuitive and streamlined process to create data pipelines. Setting up a new data pipeline takes three steps.

  1. Identify the source and tables to extract.
  2. Identify the destination where you want to load the data.
  3. Set the frequency of load job execution.


  • A source can be a database, a SaaS-based application (an API endpoint), or file storage containing the data that you want to load into a destination cloud data platform.
  • Matillion Data Loader provides pre-built connectors to popular data sources like Salesforce, Facebook, Google Analytics, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Excel, Google Sheets, and more.


  • A destination is a cloud data platform where data is loaded and stored.
  • Matillion Data Loader supports popular cloud data lake, lakehouse, and data warehouse destinations, including Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Delta Lake on Databricks, Amazon S3, and Azure Blob Storage.
  • Please refer to Destinations to learn about supported destinations.

Pipeline settings

  • This is the pipeline setting, which is the final step in creating a data pipeline.
  • You may select the frequency for batch pipeline generation as well as schedule pipeline runs.

For a more detailed view of Matillion Data Loader's UI, read the Matillion Data Loader Dashboard Overview.

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Next steps

To start using Matillion Data Loader, read Getting Started.

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