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Certain data sources require OAuth authentication before they can be used. Matillion Data Loader lets you create and store OAuth configuration settings that can be used whenever you create a pipeline. You can create multiple OAuth entries for each data source and use each one as many times as needed, subject to specific limitations.

The following guide explains how to view and manage your OAuth entries in Matillion Data Loader, as well as a basic example of how to create one. Please refer to the specific OAuth guides for detailed information about the authentication process of each third-party OAuth mechanism.

You can view and manage your OAuth entries by clicking Manage and then choosing OAuth.

The OAuth dialog lists your OAuth entries and the status of each entry. Click Add OAuth to create a new entry.

OAuth dialog in Matillion Data Loader

The status of each OAuth is indicated by the padlock icon next to it:

  • A padlock with a red ! symbol means the OAuth isn't authorized.
  • A padlock with a key means that the OAuth is authorized.

You can also delete an OAuth entry by clicking the waste bin icon. This action can't be reversed.

By default, a newly created OAuth entry isn't authorized. This means that further validation is required, and the OAuth entry isn't ready to use. After an OAuth entry has been successfully validated, its status will change to authorized and can now be used.

You can sort your list of OAuth entries using the two dropdown filters at the top of the window, or use the Search box to locate specific OAuth entries.

The process for adding a new OAuth entry is detailed below.

Add new OAuth entry

Create an OAuth entry in Matillion Data Loader then validate the OAuth entry according to the specific service you wish to connect to. You can create an OAuth entry from the Manage tab or as part of the pipeline creation process.

Here we will describe how to create an OAuth entry from the Manage tab.

  1. Click Manage
  2. Click OAuth
  3. Click Add OAuth
  4. Choose the OAuth service from the OAuth dropdown field.
  5. Name the OAuth entry in the OAuth Label field. Matillion Data Loader uses this name to reference your OAuth entry.
  6. Click Authorize to begin the authentication process for the OAuth entry. The OAuth entry is added to the OAuth entry list. Matillion Data Loader may redirect you to the website of the third-party service you are using. At this point your OAuth entry isn't authenticated.

If Matillion Data Loader does not automatically redirect you to a third-party website to validate your OAuth entry, click the padlock icon to begin the process manually.

Complete the required steps to authenticate your OAuth entry with the third-party service you wish to use.


The third-party authentication process will not require a callback URL, as the provided credentials are used directly to authenticate your app.

Once the authentication is complete, your OAuth entry is ready to use.