Adding Agents
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Adding Agents

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This article discusses the process for adding an agent inside Matillion Data Loader. This is the preface to (and not to be confused with) installing an agent to be done outside of Matillion Data Loader. Both are required in order to create a CDC Pipeline.

Create a new agent

Before installing the agent, you must create a new agent entry in Matillion Data Loader:

  • Log into your Matillion Data Loader account.
  • Select your Account. Each account can generate its own unique platform key that your agent will use to communicate with Data Loader. Thus, it is important to create the agent in the account that matches the platform key you will be using.
  • On the Agents tab, click Add agent.
  • Give your agent a sensible Agent name and Description.
  • You will now be given some Agent Identity Environment Variables - it is important to record these for later in the installation process.
  • Click Return to agent list.

Agent Identity

When creating a new agent through the Matillion Data Loader UI, an identity value ( agent_id) will have been automatically generated along with installation instructions. The id_agent and your id_organization will need to be provided as enviroment variables when deploying the agent. Currently, the agent also requires a websocket endpoint URL to be configured on startup. This will need to be set to This value must be set to wss://ws-<region> where <region> is either eu or us depending on the Data Loader region you are building the pipeline in. Please see the snippet below:


Template Users: Many provided templates include the PLATFORM_WEBSOCKET_ENDPOINT. If you are using a templated install, you are required to open the template files in a text editor and provide your needed PLATFORM_WEBSOCKET_ENDPOINT value, ensuring your region is included.

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