Azure - ARM Template
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Azure - ARM Template

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The Matillion CDC agent can be installed via an ARM Template.

We recommend creating a resource group for your CDC agent and related resources. Please see the Azure documentation on the Resource Manager for full information.


The template provides a blueprint for installation that you may use verbatim, but you may need to modify it to suit your own needs and rules governing your cloud infrastructure.

Created Resources

  • Container Instance.


Edit the template

Users should inspect the template in a text editor and ensure the values are as-expected before proceeding. In particular, the PLATFORM_WEBSOCKET_ENDPOINT environment variable should be edited to match the expected endpoint and region. See Environment Variables for more information.


To deploy this Azure ARM templates, and in addition to other requirements for Azure environments (for example, secret key uploaded to Azure Key Vault), the customer needs to have provisioned, and provide, the following additional resources within their Azure environment:

Template Deployment

  • Log into Azure.
  • Browse to your resource group (we recommend making a new one if you haven't already).
  • Click Create in the resource group pane (not the left-hand navigation pane) to start making a new resource in this group.
  • Search for Template Deployment (deploy using custom templates).
  • Click Create.
  • Choose to Build your own template in the editor.
  • Load file and upload your ARM json.
  • Click Save.
  • Fill out the below and then Review + create.

Instance Details

Field Description
Region Choose the Azure region that's right for you. not every resources is available in every region.
Agent Id Unique UUID that identifies your agent to the CDC platform
Azure Client Id Client ID of the Azure Active Directory service principal used for authentication
Azure Client Secret Client secret value for the Azure Active Directory service principal used for authentication.
Azure Key Vault URL The URL of the Key Vault where your private key is stored
Azure Tenant Id Tenant ID of your Azure Active Directory
Container DNS Name Arbitrary prefix for the DNS your container will be available at.
Container Group Name Arbitrary name for your new container group.
Container Name Arbitrary name for your new container.
Image URL Agent URL. Do not edit.
Location The Azure Region for your resources to be located
Log Analytics Workspace Id Log Analytics Workspace ID to facilitate log collection and retention.(See Log Analytics for more information)
Log Analytics Workspace Key Log Analytics Workspace key providing full credentials for access. (See Log Analytics for more information)
Organization Id The unique UUID that identifies your account to the CDC platform.
Platform Key Name The name of the Azure Key Vault secret that your generated private key is in.