Connecting to Amazon S3
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Connecting to Amazon S3

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Matillion CDC can load data from your pipelines into an Amazon S3 bucket. Follow the steps on this page to configure Amazon S3 as a destination.


Please refer to the following topics to help you set up CDC for AWS:

Amazon S3 prerequisites

To start using Amazon S3 as a destination, some requirements need to be met. These prerequisites ensure that a working connection can be set up to transfer data to your Amazon S3 bucket.

  • An Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. Signing up is free - click here to create an account if you don't have one already.
  • Permissions to create and manage S3 buckets in AWS. Your AWS user must be able to create a bucket if one doesn't already exist, add/modify bucket policies, and upload files to the bucket.
  • The IAM role used by the Agent container has putObject permissions for the S3 bucket and its prefix to be used as the destination by the pipeline.
  • An active Amazon S3 bucket.
  • A unique prefix name for each pipeline.

Connecting to Amazon S3

Select Destination

  • After you configure the source during a CDC pipeline creation, you will be directed to choose a destination you would like to load your data into.
  • In the Choose destination page, select Amazon S3.

Configure Amazon S3 Connection Settings

Specify the following settings in the Connect to AmazonS3 Destination page:

Property Description
Bucket This refers to the name of the Amazon S3 bucket you want to use as a destination. Find your bucket name in the AWS Management Console under ServicesS3.
Prefix Prefix is the name of the 'folder' or a location within the S3 bucket that all CDC data for this pipeline should be saved to. You can have multiple agents using the same bucket with different prefixes.

A pipeline prefix must be unique.

Test Connection

  • You can test your connection by clicking Test connection. If the test is successful, click Test and Continue.