Register Application
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Register Application

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The first thing required is to register an application so we can generate credentials that we can pass as environment variables to the CDC agent. This allows your container identity to access Azure services and resources such as Key Vault.

Registering a new application

  1. Log into Azure portal.
  2. Go to Azure Active Directory for your organization.
  3. Click App Registrations.
  4. Click New Registration.
  5. Give your app the following details:
  • An arbitrary Name.
  • Single tenant.
  • No redirect URI is required.
  1. Click Register.

Tenant ID

  1. Browse to your Azure Active Directory.
  2. Take note of the Tenant ID field. This will be used later in the installation.

Azure Client ID

While on your new application resource:

  1. Take note of the Application (client) ID. This is the Azure Client ID environment variable that your agent will require.

Azure Client Secret

While on your new application resource:

  1. Click Certificates & secrets.
  2. Select the Client secrets tab and click New client secret.
  3. Give a description and set the expiration to your needs.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Take a note of the Value of this new secret. This is Azure Client Secret environment variable your agent will require.

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