Agent Versions
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Agent Versions

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This page contains essential information about the changes that occurred in every new version release of the CDC agent along with respective release dates and the impact of the release for the users reference.

We recommend you update your CDC agent to the latest version in order to take full advantage of the latest features, enhancements, and important security patches. For information on how to update your CDC agent, refer to the Updating Agent documentation.

Agent Version Release Date
Agent v2.51.8 2023 - March 15th
Agent v2.50.1 2023 - February 27th
Agent v2.48.0 2023 - February 8th
Agent v2.47.0 2023 - January 18th
Agent v2.44.1 2022 - October 26th
Agent v2.42.12 2022 - September 22nd
Agent v2.40.48 2022 - August 31st
Agent v2.40.22 2022 - August 24th
Agent v2.32.1 2022 - August 10th
Agent v2.22.2 2022 - July 20th
Agent v2.19.2 2022 - July 6th
Agent v2.15.32 2022 - June 21st
  • In the Agent dashboard, if you see your agent version number has turned red, the agent version is out of date.
  • An out-of-date version of the CDC agent prevents you from adding a pipeline to the agent, and the Add Pipeline button will be greyed out. To add a new pipeline, you must upgrade your agent.
  • Any currently running pipelines will keep working, but then you will be prompted to upgrade the agent.

Agent version control FAQs

How can I find out when the agent has to be updated?

When a new agent is released we will be updating the Release Notes to inform you of a new release, but over time customers will also receive notifications via the Intercom UI plugin. Agents will be updated automatically if the container is restarted after a new agent version is release. We encourage all customers to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible to apply fixes and improvements.

Updating the agent

You can update an agent to the latest version by restarting the container of the agent. For detailed explanation on agent upgrade, please read Updating Agent.

What happens if I don't update an existing CDC agent?

As recommended, you should update to the latest version as soon as possible, however if you don't restart the container, it won't pick up the new agent version. This should have no effect and unless explicitly stated of any breaking changes, your agent and associated pipelines will continue to operate as before. However, as Matillion Data Loader records the agent versions associated with each account, we may continue to notify that the existing agent isn't the latest version.

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