AWS Installation Overview
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AWS Installation Overview

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Setting up CDC agents is an involved process that requires access to the cloud platform and services as well as a degree of familiarity with that platform. The exact method of installation is up to the user. We highly recommend going through this process with your cloud platform administrator and using a templated installation if possible.

Note that AWS resources may come with their own costs independent of any billing you receive from Matillion.


  • Create new resources specifically for CDC use rather than attempt to use existing cloud resources
  • Use a templated installation if at all possible
  • Consult your cloud/network administrator for advice on customer private cloud, Subnets and other considerations such as AWS Regions.
  • Keep resources in the same AWS region.

Installation Process

The manual installation process is quite involved and different installation methods will require different levels of instruction.
Below is a checklist of resources required and full guides to setting up each can be found in the below links.

A non-templated installation would require all of these steps be completed.

  1. Create a new agent in Data Loader
  2. Create the following resources in AWS (we recommend in this order):
  3. A customer private cloud, Subnet, NAT Gateway and Security Group
  4. Secrets Manager with secrets for your Matillion Data Loader Platform Key and database passwords
  5. CloudWatch Log group
  6. IAM Roles for the Task Role and Task Execution Role
  7. S3 Storage Bucket
  8. Fargate ECS Task Definition and Service

Templated Installations

If using a template to aid installation, note the resources the template is creating and take care to only manually set up the additional resources they require. The Advanced CloudFormation template, for example, will create and configure almost every require resource on the user's behalf and is by far the best way to install the Matillion CDC agent.

See the individual template documentation to understand which resources they include and require. Basic templates are minimal and require the user set up many resources while advanced templates take care of almost the entire installation process.

CloudFormation Templates

Terraform Templates