Secret Manager
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Secret Manager

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CDC in Matillion Data Loader requires access to secrets stored in Google Clouds Secrets Manager service. You will need to store the following secrets:

  • Your organisation's private key (generated when you created a new agent through the MDL platform).
  • Your database password.

The private key will be required to allow the CDC Agent to communicate to the MDL platform. This will allow you to begin configuring a new pipeline.

If you haven't generated your platform secret value for your account yet. Matillion Data Loader will prompt you to do so when creating a CDC pipeline.

Using GCP Secret Manager

To create the secret:

  1. Go to the Secret Manager page in the Google Cloud console.
  2. On the Secret Manager page, click Create Secret.
  3. On the Create secret page, enter the Name of your secret.
    For database passwords, the secret name can be arbitrary and is referred to in Matillion Data Loader.
  4. In Secret Value section, either upload the value or enter the secret value in JSON format.
  5. For the Region setting, choose specific regions for storing your secret. Select specific regions manually or leave blank.
  6. Click the Create secret button.

Once created, you can view your secret by clicking View secret value.


Your CDC agent will require the following GCP Secrets Manager permissions: roles/secretmanager.secretAccessor

For more information on permissions, see the article on IAM Permissions