Getting Support
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Getting Support

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Looking for ticketed support? Visit


At Matillion, we love hearing from our customers. Communication with customers often gives us the opportunity to help users get more from their Matillion Data Loader experience, so please get in touch. We welcome questions, issues, or even general feedback, because these forms of communication help us to make a better product for all Matillion Data Loader users.

Contacting Us

Whether you are getting started with Matillion Data Loader, need technical advice, or are attempting to troubleshoot issues with the client and related services, we are eager to help.

Sometimes the in-client or documented Help isn't enough to solve the challenges our customers face, and the best way for users to get further assistance is to either raise a ticket at our support portal or email our support team directly.

  • Visit our support portal at, from here you can:
    • Create an account.
    • Raise a Support Ticket - every page on our support site has the Raise A Support Ticket button.
    • Post a public question.
    • Ensure your "Case Category" is set to "Matillion Data Loader"
    • Please adhere to the below table when submitting tickets to Matillion Support:
Severity Code Description
Severity 1 Critical production outage
Severity 2 High impact loss of service
Severity 3 Medium, partial impact to service delivery
Severity 4 Low impact, minor issue, or information request