MySQL Connector
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MySQL Connector

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The Matillion CDC agent's MySQL connector can capture changes within tables that are selected for monitoring in a pipeline. These changes are then written to your desired cloud storage location.

Supported configurations

Matillion Data Loader supports the following MySQL configurations:

Supported Category Supported Values
Database version 5.7 and above
Database driver version 8.0.29


  • MySQL version is 5.7 or higher.
  • To check this version, enter the following command in your MySQL instance: mysql -V
  • MySQL database port (usually 3306).
  • SELECT privileges must be granted to the database user.
  • Binary log (BinLog) replication must be enabled.

For the CDC Agent to use MySQL

  • You will need to download appropriate MySQL drivers (Version - 8.0.29).

  • You will need to push the driver package into your cloud storage location.

  • The CDC Agent needs access to the S3 bucket to be able to download the package.

  • Provide S3 bucket and S3 key values using the following environment variables to download the files:


  • Example: MYSQL_DRIVER_S3_BUCKET="bucket-name"


  • Example: MYSQL_DRIVER_S3_KEY="path/to/driver.jar"

  • You will need to provide one of the following environment variables:

  • MYSQL_DRIVER_SHA512=<value>

  • Where the value is the SHA512 digest of the driver jar file.

  • Example:MYSQL_DRIVER_SHA512="3eabd70f9a947918f434a44923a8e3ff4c3fbc93e6c90f4992c94d804860ef3d09f09fb4fbf905d53a39b51aab965ecfd65f2ff2aa105387b3c8f49c18d7713c"


  • Setting this value to true will disable checking the .jar files SHA512 digest.

  • Disabling the SHA512 variable will skip the SHA512 check. This is not recommended.
  • If the MYSQL_DRIVER_S3_BUCKET and MYSQL_DRIVER_S3_KEY environment variables are set, then the agent will attempt to download the file. If the download fails, the agent will fail to start.
  • If the SHA512 value doesn't match the driver provided, the agent will fail to start.