Manage Passwords
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Manage Passwords

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This article is about the Matillion Data Loader feature "Manage Passwords" that can be used to securely store passwords for use within the Matillion Data Loader client. The feature can be accessed by clicking Manage on the top-left, and then clicking Passwords.


It is common for Source and Targets within the Matillion Data Loader to require passwords or other sensitive details such as security tokens. Security is of paramount importance to Matillion so these details cannot be entered as plaintext in wizards.

Instead, all passwords should be entered into the Password Manager as key:value pairs where the value is the KMS encrypted password and the key is its associated name which can then be referred to throughout Matillion Data Loader.

All passwords registered in the Password Manager are KMS encrypted by Matillion. It is not possible to retrieve a plaintext password through Matillion Data Loader once entered into Manage Passwords.

Opening Manage Passwords will bring up a new menu that lists all existing passwords. Each password can be edited using the following buttons:

  • Pen - Edit the password description
  • Padlock - Edit the password itself
  • X - Delete the password entry. This action cannot be reversed

New password entries can be added using the green + button. This will bring up a new dialog box to enter details into.

Name: The name of the password. This is how you will refer to this password inside Matillion Data Loader.

Password: The password you wish to store.

Description: A description of the password only visible inside Manage Passwords. This is not required but can be very beneficial when storing many passwords.

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