Manage OAuth
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Manage OAuth

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Data Sources invariably require some method of authentication to serve the user their data so that it can be loaded into a Destination Warehouse. This authentication can be as simple as entering a Username and Password combination, others require Access Tokens or calls from the Matillion Data Loader client.

This means some Data Sources require an OAuth to be set up inside Matillion Data Loader. These OAuths are given a unique name by the user which can then be used inside the Add Pipeline wizard to reference a particular OAuth configuration. This means it is possible to save multiple OAuths for different accounts of the same Data Source platform (e.g. Salesforce) and then use each accordingly in different Pipelines.

To reach the Manage OAuth dialog navigate from the Matillion Data Loader client: Manage → Source OAuths.

Manage OAuth Dialog

1. Click the + button to add a new OAuth.

2. Select the Service from the drop down list, and give it a name. Click OK.


3. You will see that a new row has been added, displaying your OAuth entry. The status should read Not Configured. Click the cog to configure your OAuth entry.


4. You will be taken to the OAuth page for your chosen service (in this case, Facebook). If successful, you will see an Authorization Successful notification. The status should now read Configured.


5. An OAuth can be deleted using the X icon accompanying it.

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