Data Loader Release Notes
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Data Loader Release Notes

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Matillion Data Loader v1.27.0

Matillion Data Loader v1.26.0

Matillion Data Loader v1.25.0

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where BigQuery Pipelines could not use connection options for large results sets
    • Fixed an issue where UTF-8 accented characters were being converted to "?" in some specific circumstances
  • Improvements:
    • Tooltip improvements to Odata and Facebook AdAccounts Pipelines

Matillion Data Loader v1.24.0

Matillion Data Loader v1.23.0

Matillion Data Loader v1.22.0

Matillion Data Loader v1.21.0

  • Sync Now button added, which allows the user to run a Pipeline immediately, independent of whether the Pipeline is on an enabled or disabled schedule
  • Editable Pipelines rolled out to Excel, Google Sheets, and Bing Search
  • One new Pipeline:

Matillion Data Loader v1.20.0

  • New feature (currently only in Salesforce): Editable Pipelines, which enables you to change the details of your Pipeline, including the ability to add or remove tables or columns
  • Schema drift support (currently only in Salesforce), which will accommodate source data changes

Matillion Data Loader v1.19.0

  • Minor bug fixes and code refactoring

Matillion Data Loader v1.18.0

  • Performance upgrade and internal improvements

Matillion Data Loader v1.17.0

  • Minor bug fixes and code refactoring

Matillion Data Loader v1.16.0

Matillion Data Loader v1.15.0

  • Two new Pipelines:
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed issue with Bing Search market validation

Matillion Data Loader v1.14.0

Matillion Data Loader v1.13.0

    Bug fixes:
    	<li>Fixed issue with containers and virtual machines</li>
    	<li>Fixed issues with Excel Shared Jobs&nbsp;</li>
    <li>One new Pipeline:
    	<li><a href="/mdlv1/docs/2455291" target="_blank">Zendesk</a></li>

Matillion Data Loader v1.12.0

  • Usability fixes:
    • Wizard help text for Open Exchange Rates
    • Wizard help text for Twitter Tweets
  • Fixed bug in the Google BigQuery wizard
  • One new Pipeline:

Matillion Data Loader v1.11.0

  • Usability fixes:
    • Add a password or select an existing password to Snowflake account
    • Improvements to credentials model
  • One new Pipeline:

Matillion Data Loader v1.10.0

Matillion Data Loader v1.9.0

  • Usability fixes
    • Change the + button to Add, to add a new Pipeline
    • Tooltip update for Snowflake
    • Destination automatically tests after clicking "Finish"
  • One new Pipeline:

Matillion Data Loader v1.8.0

  • Added paginated results to all Pipelines page
  • Usability improvement to Destination Config

Matillion Data Loader v1.7.0

  • Tool tips now have field descriptions

Matillion Data Loader v1.6.0

  • Fixed issue with OAuth when Pipeline is disabled
  • Fixed issue with connection option properties
  • Added a request Pipelines button to register interest
  • Corrected Elasticsearch icon
  • Corrected text in IBM DB2 wizard connection details
  • One new Pipeline:

Matillion Data Loader v1.5.0

  • Fixed issue with allowed and blacklisted columns 
  • Tooltips have field descriptions for Facebook Content Insights
  • Dialogue added to show Pipeline success or fail
  • Three new Pipelines:

Matillion Data Loader v1.4.0

  • Users have feedback, shows running status
  • When creating password, NEXT is enabled if password is created from the Manage button
  • Test button enabled for Facebook ContentInsights
  • Changed validation for non-standard port numbers
  • Fixed issue with failing Pipelines for Jira, OData, and Mongo
  • Extra columns added to Facebook AdInsight
  • Corrected help documentation
  • Usability fixes:
    • Users are able to edit BigQuery destinations
    • Empty dropdown lists are disabled
    • Preselects the OAuth to most recent password
    • Added "Expand all" to quickly navigate through Pipelines

Matillion Data Loader v1.3.0

  • Basic feedback for Salesforce added
  • Bug fixes:
    • Google Adwords 500 internal server error

Matillion Data Loader v1.2.0

Matillion Data Loader v1.10

  • Pipelines now show Row Counts in the summary box
  • Most recent Password used now pre-populates the Password dropdown in Pipeline config
  • Most recent Destination used now pre-populates the Destination dropdown in Pipeline config
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Missing 'parameter [999]' error for BigQuery Destinations
    • Data Loader fails to retrieve data from OData sources when Authentication is required
    • Row Counts from empty Pipeline Runs display 'Null' value
    • Data Loader occasionally fails to show Sources when in Add Pipeline dialog

Matillion Data Loader v1.0

  • Introduced file size limit for GCP credentials
  • Added Test functionality to Google Adwords Pipelines
  • Added 'Test' functionality to Google Sheets Pipelines
  • Bug Fixes:
    • 'Google Adwords 'Cannot select a combination' errors for certain data sources.
    • Tests would indicate a pass for missing tables
    • Users unable to edit GCP Destinations
  • Numerous UI upgrades and fixes:
    • Upgraded Connector selection screen
    • Pipeline information boxes are now collapsible
    • Trimmed borders
    • CSS fixes
    • Relabelled buttons for increased clarity

Matillion Data Loader Beta Release

Easily and quickly set up Pipelines to pull your data from its source service, into your cloud Data Warehouse.