Instance Sizes Guide

Instance Sizes Guide


Before launching Matillion ETL it's worth understanding the available instance types and their limits, allowing you to choose the appropriate instance type for your team. The Matillion ETL client is limited by instance size in the following ways:

  • Threads: The number of tasks that can execute simultaneously inside the Matillion ETL instance. Dictated by the number of vCPUs available on the instance. 
  • Concurrent users: The number of users that can be using the system at the same time. There is no limit on the number of registered users when security is enabled.
  • Environments: The total number of environments across all projects that can be defined in a single instance of Matillion ETL. 1 Environment = 1 Project. Thus, the number of Max Environments is equal to the max number of Projects connected to a server.
  • ‚ÄčEnterprise Mode: Enterprise-only features are only available on certain instance sizes.

Important Information

For those Launching Matillion ETL through Cloud Formation Templates, there are several premade templates available via the Template Download page. Each of the templates comes geared toward particular instance sizes; PoC templates work on t2.medium instances while Single Node and Clustered templates work on m4.large and m4.xlarge instances. 


It is not possible to change your Matillion ETL for BigQuery instance size. Instead, we advise beginning a new subscription with the instance size you wish to use, migrating resources and then stopping your old subscription. Please contact Matillion Support for more information or help with this.

Please also refer to the provider's documentation on instance sizes:

Current Limits

EC2 Instances

Instance Size Max. Concurrent User Max. Environments Max Threads (vCPUs) Suitable for Enterprise Mode Available?
t2.medium262 (Throttled)Teams of 1 or 2 personsNo
t3.medium262Teams of 1 or 2 personsNo
m4.large5152Teams of 2 to 5 personsYes
m4.xlarge12364Teams of 6 to 12 personsYes
m5.large5152Teams of 2 to 5 personsYes
m5.xlarge12364Teams of 6 to 12 personsYes
m5.2xlarge24368Teams of 6-24 or a highly-available production environmentYes
r5.large2152Production Environment. Low user count.Yes
r5.xlarge2504Production Environment. Low user count.Yes
r5.2xlarge22008Production Environment. Low user count.Yes
For users with m3 instances, we recommend the following conversions:
Old New
m3.medium t3.medium
m3.large m5.large
m3.xlarge m5.xlarge

Google Cloud Platform Instances

All GCP Instances (both for BigQuery and Snowflake) use the n1-standard-2 instance type
Instance Size Max. Concurrent User Max. Environments Price Cloud Launcher Link Enterprise Mode Available?
2 User26$1.37 per hourOn Cloud LauncherNo
5 User (Enterprise) 515$2.74 per hourOn Cloud LauncherYes
12 User (Enterprise)1236$5.48 per hourOn Cloud Launcher

Azure Instances

The below is true for both Snowflake and Synapse Matillion ETL versions
Instance Size Max. Concurrent User Max. Environments Max Threads Azure VM size Enterprise Mode Available?
Medium 2 6 4 B2s No
Large 5 15 8 D4s_v3 and D4_v3 Yes
XLarge 12 36 16 D8s_v3 and D8_v3 Yes

Please Note

If you have different requirements or use cases that require different limits please contact Matillion Support