End Failure Component

End Failure Component

End Failure Component

The "End Failure" component can be used to mark the overall status of the job as a failure, even if it would otherwise have been successful. It also serves to document the expected end point of a job.

The example below shows when it may be useful to make a job fail even when an input job was a success.

Only the Name property can be configured to provide a meaningful description of the component.


Property Setting Description
Name Text The descriptive name for the component.


In the example below, if the Create Flights Fact job fails, a cleanup action is run. Even if the Cleanup action is successful, we still want to mark the job as having failed.

Because the failure of Create Flights Fact has been 'handled' by the cleanup, without an additional link to mark the overall job as having failed, the job will end with a success state (assuming the cleanup action was successful).

The name can be set to a custom value.