Migrating Matillion ETL for BigQuery to v1.32

Migrating Matillion ETL for BigQuery to v1.32


Last year, Matillion ETL for BigQuery was introduced on Google Cloud at introductory pricing of 0.99c per hour. The introductory pricing for Matillion ETL for BigQuery is coming to an end. Matillion ETL for BigQuery will now be brought into line with both the pricing and features of Matillion ETL on other cloud platforms and data warehouses.

Old versions

The latest Matillion ETL version before these changes take effect is 1.31.8. For existing Matillion ETL for BigQuery users, the 0.99c per hour pricing will remain for 6 months after the release of 1.32. Users can continue or increase their use of Matillion ETL v1.31.8 during this time with no price change. Version 1.31.8 of Matillion ETL for BigQuery will also continue to be supported during this 6 month period.  Any security hotfixes and bug fixes will also be issued for the same timeframe.


New version

Users can opt to launch or upgrade to new versions of Matillion ETL for BigQuery, available at the new price points. There are 3 price points:

Instance Size Max. Concurrent User Max. Environments Price Cloud Launcher Link
2 User 2 6 $1.37 per hour On Google Cloud Platform Marketplace
5 User (Enterprise)  5 15 $2.74 per hour On Google Cloud Platform Marketplace
12 User (Enterprise) 12 36 $5.48 per hour On Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Enterprise versions include enhanced non-functional features valuable to larger or more sophisticated teams and use cases. These include: automatic job documentation, permissions and audit log. The 2 User version (non-enterprise) still includes all the functional features required to build out simple or sophisticated data integrations for BigQuery. So all transformation, orchestration, data load, API, scheduling and other main features are still available in the 2 User version.

Further information

For help with migrating your projects from an existing 1.31.8 environment to a new 1.32 + environment, please consult the Migration Tool Documentation. Alternatively, e-mail or raise a ticket for Matillion ETL support to help you through the process.

If you have any other questions, we're here to help. Contact your Matillion account manager, email us at sales@matillion.com or visit www.matillion.com.