Matillion ETL for Synapse Release Notes

Matillion ETL for Synapse Release Notes

We highly recommend reading the Updating Matillion ETL article for the safest way to update your instance.

Matillion ETL for Synapse v1.46.8

  • Added support for Azure Blob Storage when running Azure Government Cloud
  • Fixed an issue in the Matillion ETL v1 API where the flag "onConflict=OVERWRITE" during job import was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where running a Transformation job more than once concurrently can cause it to interfere with itself.
  • Multiple bug fixes for "Assert" Components
    • Multi-line data types now supported
    • Fixed an issue where mismatched value types pass validation
    • No longer validates on size and precision fields where not relevant
    • Multiple fixes to error messages
    • Fixed an error when asserting values on a view containing a datetime column

Matillion ETL for Azure Synapse v1.46

New Components

  • New Zendesk Talk Query component allows users to bring their Zendesk Talk data into a table.
  • New Python Script component allows users to write custom Python scripts that are executed on the instance to perform a wide variety of tasks .
  • New “Assert” components can be used to test an existing object (Table, External Table, Scalar Variable or View) against user-defined criteria. This allows users to prevent jobs continuing if resources are not in their expected state.
  • New “Rank” Transformation component allows users to find the numerical rank of values in a column and output these ranks to a new column.
  • New “First/Last” Transformation component allows users to create groups of data and return only the first or last rows from that group.
  • New “Lead/Lag” Transformation component allows users to determine values of a new column based on data preceding or following that source row with a given offset.

New Features

  • New Recycle Bin feature gives users the opportunity to recover any deleted jobs before committing to delete them completely.


  • Reworked Component panel organization gives an alphabetized list of all connector components.
  • Connectors that only import data into external tables have been renamed as “Extract” components.
  • New functions have been added to the Window Calculation component:
    • First/Last
    • Lead/Lag
    • Rank